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“Let´s go back to the time when the Gods of Rock lived among mortals on stage and Peace, Love, and Rock N Roll were The Kings.”

The Jam Band (TJB) is known as the revivalist of 70s arena Rock.

Based in Cancun, they perform throughout Mexico and wherever there are rock lovers. Presentations at events, public and private shows.

The Band debuted in 2017 with their first official concert in Cancun´s Planetarium Kayba to an overwelling crowd of dancing and singing fans. Since that day forward TJB has been expanding its audience base with even larger venues and tour destinations.

In 2019 they released their first live album “Larga vida al Rock n Roll” (available through Spotify) recorded live to capture the energy and excitement created at the concert.

As the heart and soul of the band are dedicated to creating that raw and special sound and atmosphere of the 70´s rock era, they back themselves with top of the line equipment, Engineering crew, and sheer musicianship to deliver just such a performance to guarantee their fans a flashback to a time when rock was an exciting, and vibrant experience and a driving force.

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